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Canadian ERs face record wait times, closures amid labor shortages

Globe & Mail: 'According to estimates online, the wait to see a doctor at Vancouver General Hospital’s emergency department was nearly nine hours on Thursday morning. It was 4½ hours at Calgary’s Peter Lougheed Centre, and nearly eight hours at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg.

'The Quebec government announced on Thursday that six emergency rooms in the province would be partly closed this summer due to staff shortages. A number of emergency rooms at rural and remote hospitals in B.C. have closed for short periods in recent months, including one that was shuttered at least five times last month...

'...On top of that, doctors and nurses are leaving the profession because of the unsustainable conditions they were forced to endure during the pandemic. Those who are left are working longer hours and covering for colleagues who fall sick with COVID-19 or one of the other viruses back in circulation, Dr. de Wit said.'

Probably shouldn't have fired all those nurses and doctors who had natural immunity and refused the experimental clot shot.

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