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Canadian Energy Pipeline Association to cease operations by Dec. 31

Globe & Mail: Canada boasts the 17th biggest oil reserves in the world. Operating at full capacity, Canada only produced as a nation 2.5% of world emissions (entirely offset by its forests), while producing clean and ethical energy, that when exported, could reduce other nations reliance on coal, etc.

Now reliant on Islamofascist oil from terror states, and caltropping itself while Communist-occupied China continues to pollute with reckless abandon, signaling to international bodies that it'll stop just 9 years short of its strategic goal of world hegemony (see The Hundred Year Marathon).

Congratulations, Canada; you played yourself.

The Trudeau regime has turned Canada not only into a bad joke, but into a leftist backwater. Progress of the leftist variety is hurrying down the road to serfdom, such that everyone can be equal in misery and servitude.

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