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Canada seeking new torpedo countermeasures for military submarines

CTV News: 'The Canadian navy is on the hunt for a new system to defeat hostile torpedoes as it works to extend the life of its four Victoria-class submarines through the mid-2030s. In documents published last week, the Department of National Defence and Procurement Canada say advances in sonar technology and torpedo guidance systems have made anti-submarine torpedoes more effective than ever at overcoming decoys and other countermeasures. Canada's military submarines currently use small, three-inch beacons that have to be manually loaded and launched from either end of the boat to counter a torpedo threat.'

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jone martin
jone martin
Oct 09, 2023

Every morning I would like to read to you because I have no time to watch TV due to some business issue, But I am totally updated about fairs by reading your post. The Canadian Navy is on the hunt for a new system.

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