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Canada looks to buy $500M in arms for Ukraine (to be later confiscated by Russians)

TPM: 'Canada is reportedly in talks with South Korea to purchase 100,000 artillery shells for Ukraine at a potential cost of $500 million to help the nation fight off their Russian invaders. Canada is one of many countries around the world that have delivered weapons to Ukraine. Canada, which has already provided Ukraine with military equipment, is reportedly working to purchase artillery shells from South Korea, which will then be sent to the Eastern European nation....

'Poongsan would then be paid by the Canadian government, and produce 100,000 additional shells for the South Korean military. As the Ottawa Citizen reports, the deal could cost Canadian taxpayers up to $500 million.'

The Trudeau regime is simultaneously buying votes here at home, protracting the war in Ukraine, arming neo-Nazis, feeding Russia new weapons, and antagonizing a nuclear power.

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