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Canada had the lowest level of births in 2020 since 2006, StatCan report reveals

CTV News: According to Statistics Canada, 2020 marked the lowest number of annual births in Canada since 2006, with 13,000 fewer births than in 2019. Last year, there were 358,604 live births across the country, excluding Yukon, for which data was not available.

Meanwhile, in 2008, your taxpayer dollars subsidized the state-sanctioned killing of 95,876 babies; 93,755 in 2009; 90,747 in 2010; 108,844 in 2011; 100,958 in 2012; 102,446 in 2013; 100,194 in 2014; 100,104 in 2015; 97,764 in 2016; 94,030 in 2017; 85,195 in 2018; and 83,476 in 2019 (ARCC).

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