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Canada follows China on the path to soft totalitarianism

The Post Millennial: 'As the Charter enters its 41st year of becoming part of Canada's Constitution, we have not yet seen a great deal of harsh and militaristic tactics used in Canada...

'In Ottawa, police arrested peaceful protesters at gunpoint, police horses injured at least one woman, and unarmed protesters were beaten with police truncheons. Pastors in Alberta jails and Emergencies Act brutality aside, authoritarianism in Canada has been mostly of the softer variety.

'Many Canadians acquiesced to soft totalitarianism when they accepted vaccine passports from September 2021 to early 2022 with little outcry or protest. A government with the power to exclude you from society over your refusal to get injected with a new substance which lacks long-term safety data can also make you a second-class citizen based on other private and personal decisions that the government deems to be unacceptable.'

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