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Canada caught between allies as Germany presses for return of Russian turbine

State Media: 'Canada faces a tough choice this weekend between angering Germany and offending Ukraine as it ponders the fate of a large turbine that has been undergoing repairs in the workshops of Siemens Energy Canada.

'The turbine normally drives gas through the Nord Stream One pipeline that runs from Russia to Germany. Last month, while undergoing scheduled maintenance at a Siemens Energy facility in Montreal, the turbine was caught up in sanctions the Trudeau government brought against its owner, Russian oil and gas giant Gazprom.

'Russia responded by cutting the flow of gas through the pipeline by 60 per cent. It has said since that unless the turbine is returned by Monday, July 11, it will not restore normal flow.'

If we could ramp up our oil production and then charge the Europeans massive premiums on our exports, then it'd make sense to hold on tight to that turbine.

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Citation Moving Marvels
Citation Moving Marvels
Feb 26

On the one hand, canada has strong ties with germany and understands their concerns regarding the potential military use of the turbines.

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