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CAF Veteran protesting medical tyranny has marched from west coast to Ontario: 2000Km left to go

TNC: 'Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) veteran James Topp embarked on the last and longest leg of his protest march to Ottawa this week, crossing into Ontario from Manitoba on Day 79 of his trek and putting more than 2300km behind him.

'“This is the final province but it’s huge, so we’ll be here for a while,” Topp posted from the Ontario border on Monday. “Thunder Bay is roughly 550km away, so you’re on notice! Roughly 1.5 months to get to Ottawa from here for your mental calendars.”

'Ontario marks the final province of Topp’s journey, which began in Vancouver on Feb. 20. Topp is marching in opposition to government overreach during the COVID-19 pandemic – in particular vaccine mandates that forced people out of work or pressured them “into taking part in medical procedures that they would not otherwise have accepted.”'

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