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BLM now run by top Russia hoaxer and Democrat lawyer Marc Elias

The Federalist: 'The Black Lives Matter plot thickened this week with some particularly partisan developments after a longtime Clinton family ally and a top Russia hoaxer essentially took over the organization.

'According to recent filings as reported by The Washington Examiner, Marc Elias, a Democrat lawyer known for funding the bogus Steele dossier while he was general counsel for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, looks to be representing BLM’s Global Network Foundation through his law firm. Additionally, Minyon Moore, a top Clinton ally, is now on BLM’s board of directors.

'In other words, the corrupt Democrat establishment has effectively taken over a major left-wing organization committed to radical left-wing policies and race-hustling.'

Will the Trudeau regime complain about foreign money the next time BLM buys a mansion downtown Toronto or kicks off a riot in Montreal?

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