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Biden admin signals appeasement to CCP, calls for 'coexistence'

SCMP: The Biden regime is having its Chamberlain moment, committing to coexistence with a genocidal terror state keen on becoming world hegemon by 2049. Why wouldn't we trust to remain peaceful those communists who kill tens of millions of their own people to secure power? Who are currently terrorizing Chinese Christians, Muslims, Falun Gong, and pro-democracy dissidents, with everything from concentration camps to public executions? Who are still lying about how they created and intentionally spread the CCP Virus? Who wage constant cyber and economic warfare on the USA? And the lamb lieth down with the lion...

#ConcentrationCampChina #GenocidalChina #CCP #TakeDownTheCCP #GenocidalCCP #FlattenBeijing #SinoAmericanWar #ColdWar

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