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Beware: Comfort Homes might just throw an arbitrary $42K premium on your prefab home

State Media: 'A Jarvis, Ont., couple who tore down their home to make way for a prefabricated one wants to warn aspiring homebuyers about builders who raise the price even after contracts with agreed-to prices are signed.

'Eric, 63, and Cathy Hilton, 61, said they felt the sting of house prices growing unexpectedly because of developers charging new-home owners more than they originally anticipated.

According to the couple, in March 2021, they made an initial deposit of $5,000 and signed a purchase agreement with Comfort Homes in Woodstock, Ont., to secure their "retirement home" at a cost of $209,728.

'They say mere weeks before the date they were promised their prefabricated house would be delivered, the company told them they had to pay $42,000 more.'

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