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Barbara Kay: The high priests of woke hijack the hijab debate

National Post: "Our Islamosplaining secular pundits have doubled down on their condemnation of those who insist on the hijab difference. To refer publicly to the hijab as a troubling practice is not permitted — even when imposed on children incapable of informed consent. Recently Dr. Sherif Emil, a pediatric surgeon at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, responded to a Canadian Medical Association Journal cover featuring a little girl wearing a hijab with a letter to the editor, in which he protested the journal’s exploitation of a “symbol of oppression” to promote diversity and inclusion. Both Emil and the CMAJ editor were mobbed on Twitter. Pressured by Muslim activists and their allies, the editor apologized fulsomely and withdrew the letter. To his credit, Emil stuck to his guns .

"There are Canadian girls who will sadly never know in their lifetime the feeling of the wind in their hair. But they are holy children in woke circles. Readers interested in courageous Muslim women’s “lived experience” — so precious in other minority branding — that belies the misleading narrative of hijab innocence, can find them online under hashtag #FreeFromHijab."

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