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Alberta premier tells Trudeau to end ‘pointless’ vaxx mandate, but faces criticism over digital IDs

LSN: '“We think it serves no useful health purpose. They don’t have an alternative, which is a negative test, which might be a reasonable accommodation. But in any event, I think it’s a pointless policy,” continued the premier, adding that he is not aware “of any other major country in the world that has a similar policy.”

'While Kenney has condemned Trudeau’s vaccine mandate, he himself has rolled out a digital identification system in Alberta, which has drawn similar criticisms regarding individual privacy and government overreach that Trudeau’s vaccine policy has drawn.

'Addressing this, prominent self-described “lover of freedom” and renowned Canadian professional hockey player Theo Fleury asked Kenney in response to his recent condemnation of Trudeau if his government is “canceling the digital ID’s as well???” '

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