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Alberta Premier Jason Kenney urges Trudeau to drop ‘pointless’ CCP Virus travel ban

Life Site News: ''As far as I know, Canada is the only major country in the world with a policy like that, which has no defensible public health rationale. It's political theater, not public health policy,' Kenney said.

'This is not the first time Kenney has called out the federal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over its COVID mandates for travel. However, it is the strongest call he had made yet in asking for them to end.

'Kenney’s public call to end the mandates come at the same time he is up for a leadership confidence vote to run the UCP, which will take place at a Special General Meeting (SGM).

Many within the UCP, including many of his caucus members, are not happy with the way Kenney governed Alberta through the COVID crisis in enacting draconian rules that unfairly targeted the vaccine-free and closed businesses.'

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