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A good start: lying mainstream journalist getting taken to court for defamation, complains of PTSD

The Post Millennial: 'Accused "crybully" Taylor Lorenz said she has suffered "severe PTSD" from being "a journalist" and broke down in an MSNBC interview on Friday. On Friday's Meet the Press Daily show on MSNBC, host Chuck Todd briefly discussed government statistics about online harassment and women, before turning it over to correspondent Morgan Radford to do a direct interview with The Washington Post columnist Lorenz who covers technology and online culture.

'As Krystal & Saagar previously pointed out: Lorenz falsely accused Marc Andreessen of using the "R-word" on Clubhouse, without apologizing for 48 hours. Lorenz also went after YouTube personality MrBeast for saying "a bad word" when he was 19-years-old, and attacked an Instagram influencer because that person’s mother was a "prominent anti-Muslim activist." Co-host Saagar Enjeti has said Lorenz uses her career to destroy opponents who she feels are beneath her. He said her tears come from Lorenz's inability to suss out what's legitimate criticism and harassment.'

Every journalist and talking head caught defaming innocent people, especially in service of the state, should be taken to task. They won't stop until the consequences are financially severe.

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