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Yesterday's CCP Virus 'conspiracy theories' are now recognized as today's mainstream facts

ZeroHedge: 'Anyone who dared question the “official” findings of the NIH, CDC and WHO was quickly marginalized and sent for social-media-re-education camps in the form of suspensions or outright bans. For some citizens, regular common sense and everyday critical thinking not only had them dismissed as lunatics, but also cost them their jobs...'

I personally had my YouTube channel terminated in late 2020 because I said the CCP Virus originated in the P4 level lab in Wuhan. I had my Tumblr news account, which had 31,000 followers, deleted in 2021 for posting a Guardian video suggesting the same. I had my Discord channel terminated because we re-circulated what was then deemed 'COVID disinformation'. There was no reason to trust the 'authorities' over these past two years, and there is no reason to trust any of them going forward.

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