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Why Parliament should be able to fire Supreme Court judges

National Post: Robson: 'Former Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin routinely expressed satisfaction with how great Canadian judges consider themselves. Including telling the Canadian Club in Toronto in June 2003 that judges need “impartiality, empathy and wisdom. From where I sit, the current judiciary in Canada meets the highest standards in this respect.” ...

'Anything will do. In one majority opinion she wrote, “The Charter should be presumed to provide at least as great a level of protection as is found in the international human-rights documents that Canada has ratified.” And in a May 5, 2001, lecture she chirped, “the law-making role of the judge has dramatically expanded” to encompass “invading the domain of social policy, once perceived to be the exclusive right of Parliament and the legislatures.” After sneering at “the inability or unwillingness of legislative social bodies to deal with pressing social issues” she said elbowing them aside “requires an act of imagination.”

'You ain’t foolin’. As she commented elsewhere, “the rule of law requires judges to uphold unwritten constitutional norms, even in the face of clearly enacted laws or hostile positive opinion.” And the smoking gun, IMHO: “My job is simply to listen to what the parties have to say, and to do my best to understand the position, the ramifications of deciding one way or the other, to think about what’s best for Canadian society on this particular problem that’s before us, and give it my best judgment.”'

We're run, judged, and policed by detached elitists, the ideologically possessed, and absolute lunatics.

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