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Why is the left silent on Trudeau’s crackdown?

Spiked: 'Over the past few weeks, Trudeau’s government has enacted emergency powers, used pepper spray and stun grenades on the truckers’ Freedom Convoy, and has labelled these legitimate protesters as ‘terrorists’, threatening to freeze their bank accounts. Had this been an equally narcissistic North American head of state – with a comparably lousy record on human rights and the environment, and whose name also begins with T – my fellow lefties probably would have had one or two things to say on Twitter. But this was Trudeau, not Trump, and so they all ignored it when GoFundMe seized $10million in legitimate donations to the truckers. They ignored it when Trudeau called a Jewish politician a Nazi sympathiser in parliament for questioning his crackdown. They ignored it when another fundraising site, GiveSendGo, was hacked, outing the names of 92,000 Freedom Convoy donors, some of whom lost their jobs as a result....

'...How has this Canadian Psycho managed to pull such a seamless Keyser Söze, bamboozling the world into thinking of him as a well-meaning bro with great hair? On Twitter, he is just as unbearable as Trump, though for the inverse reasons, tweeting incomprehensible woke woo-woo such as ‘2SLGBTQQIA+’ or press pictures of himself protesting against his own climate policy. Trudeau is a sort of human hashtag, riding every trending social-media shore break. We are so distracted by his gay-pride dance moves that we forget he is also moving arms to the Saudis. He is so punctilious with his trans pronouns that we ignore his transcontinental pipelines.'

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