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While preparing to invade Taiwan, Communist China pushes Britain to surrender Falkland Islands

SCMP: Beijing’s view on sovereignty of the islands has ‘been consistent’ says mission, reiterating the genocidal dictator Xi Jinping’s support for Buenos Aires’ claims...

You'd think the Argentines would have learned their lesson the first time: when in 3 weeks, an outnumbered and outgunned UK beat them senseless when they tried to take her Majesty's Falklands...

The genocidal Communists are preparing the world either for the Anglo countries to exit the world stage with their tails between their legs or, should they rediscover their spines, for the next world war. It is critical that the US, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and the rest of the free world put an end to the leftist nonsense at home and focus on beating the ever-loving-shit out of the CCP.

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