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Watch: Trudeau regime will use fudged opinion polls to justify authoritarian clamp down on protests

CP24, The Star, and other mainstream media outfits desperate to keep the Liberal regime in control so that they can continue to bleed taxpayers dry via the media bailout are now trying to manufacture consent by pushing the nonsense Leger WEB SURVEY that only polled 1546 adults, and for which "No margin of error can be assigned because web-based polls are not considered random samples". This web survey that they are pushing in hopes of propagandizing everyday Canadians claims:

"more than four in 10 saying they strongly consider the demonstration a selfish display, a new poll suggests. But almost 30 per cent of Canadians surveyed by Leger disagreed with that characterization of the demonstration against COVID-19 measures that has seen hundreds of large trucks create gridlock and incessant noise in the national capital."

The government wants you to ignore your lying eyes. They want you to pretend that the biggest convoy in history isn't in some way, shape, or form, reflective of the Canadian people's resentment of the federal and provincial governments authoritarian overreach and this country's medical tyranny. And the media is colluding with them.

End the media bailout.

Defund the CBC.

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