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Vax apartheid, cont'd: CCP Virus border measures (inc. ArriveCan app) extended until at least Sept

National Post: 'In a release Wednesday, the Public Health Agency of Canada also said it will continue the pause of mandatory random testing for fully vaccinated travelers at all airports until mid-July.

'It first announced the pause on June 11 and said in the release that it’s allowing airports to focus on streamlining their operations.

'The public health agency said it’s moving forward with plans to relocate COVID-19 testing for air travellers outside of airports to select test provider stores, pharmacies or by virtual appointment.'

According to Johns Hopkins University, the lockdowns didn't work.

Unless you've got a heavy-duty N95 mask, your mask doesn't work.

The jabs are not only dangerous but ineffective.

The border measures are completely asinine.

The jab you got over a-year-and-a-half-ago? Totally meaningless; wholly ineffective against all new strains. And yet, you're required to jump through hoops and demonstrate proof of a jab that never worked, didn't prevent infection, didn't curb the spread, didn't lessen severity, etc.

This is a clown show and, as always, Justin Trudeau is wearing the most clown makeup.

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