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US & Canadian gov't's worry about 'domestic extremism' while financing & arming Nazis in Ukraine.

American Greatness: 'When Vladimir Putin declared that a primary objective of Russia’s invasion was to “de-nazify” Ukraine, the political elites and their media went ballistic. Michael McFaul, former U.S. ambassador to Russia, said flatly, “There are no neo-Nazis in Ukraine.” The truth? The CIA has been organizing, funding, and training Nazis and developing fascist assets inside Ukraine for 75 years. Nazis are a powerful and growing presence.

'In 2014, the CIA and U.S. State Department engineered a coup that overthrew Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s democratically elected pro-Russian president. The United States replaced him with a pro-American, anti-Russian president—and the Nazification of Ukraine kicked into high gear. Well-funded, highly trained, and heavily armed neo-Nazi militias that had appeared almost overnight to stage the coup unleashed terror upon ethnic Russians and political opponents of the new regime.

'Since then, Democrats and Republicans have empowered and enabled neo-Nazis to infest all levels of Ukrainian government and society. Nazi influence has only grown stronger during the presidency of Volodymyr Zelenskyy....

'...Zelenskyy is an actor. The elites and their media have cast him in the role of the hero—“a Churchill for our times.” By burying the truth, they have ensured that his performance has received only rave reviews so far. But the truth always comes out in the end. A man cannot support Nazis and be righteous. So, one thing we know for sure—Zelenskyy’s hero act is a fraud. Knowing that, we can be sure of more to come.'

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