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Unpacking the Trudeau government's latest assaults on privacy and liberty

Toronto Sun: Gunter: 'Bill S-7 on its own is enough of an indictment of the Liberals’ rush to curtail Canadians’ freedoms, but, of course, there is also their invocation of the Emergencies Act in February, which suspended civil liberties across the country and compelled banks and other financial institutions to freeze the accounts and assets of anyone who organized or supported the truckers’ protests against federal vaccine mandates....

'...Once again, this week Canadians heard testimony before a joint Senate-Commons committee investigating the use of the Emergencies Act that none of the police forces with jurisdiction – not the RCMP, the OPP or the Ottawa city police – asked for a state of emergency to clear blockaders from downtown Ottawa.

'The use of the Emergencies Act was entirely the idea of our supposedly rights-loving Liberals.

'We all already know, too, that the Trudeau government is desperate to regulate the internet and social media....'

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