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Unless CPC trends conservative populist, PPC will continue to grow, having already jumped 6 points

CTV News: 'On the latest episode of Trend Line, Nanos Research's Nik Nanos said that the percentage of Canadians polled who would consider voting for the People's Party of Canada (PPC) usually sits at around 10 per cent. But as of Feb. 16, that number has gone up to 16 per cent, which Nanos calls a "material increase."'

Despite Maxime Bernier being a spiteful hack still fuming about Scheer and Big Dairy, a growing number of people seem to be prepared to spoil their votes on him. Why? They're rightfully disenchanted with the O'Toolification / Mackayification of the CPC. The way to take the wind out of the PPC's sails will be for the CPC to place Poilievre or Dr. Leslyn Lewis at the helm, and stop promoting the interests of detached elites, both domestic and foreign. Focusing on working and middle class concerns, tearing up equalization payments, reinforcing Albertan energy, and if not outright combatting leftist cultural imperialism, then at the very least not supporting it, will be the way to a majority.

As for the Liberals, the LPC crossed the Rubicon long ago. It is a party for the powerful and the elites, antipathetic to the super-majority of Canadians, with the exception to strategic ridings in Quebec.

The NDP, especially under Singh, are nothing but a bunch of bootlicking LPC flip chasers, ashamed of our great nation and keen to prevent it from realizing the prosperity just outside its present reach.

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