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U-of-Ottawa prof bemoans growing class consciousness in Canada for Slate

Slate: 'An armed group seized control of the center of a G-7 capital...

'Soon, tractor-trailers crammed the streets, diesel fumes choked the air, horns blared 24/7, and intimidating hate speech became the new normal. Meanwhile, the Ottawa police congratulated themselves on preventing large-scale riots, injuries, and loss of life. They even declared that they’d stopped another Jan. 6, 2021, from happening in Canada (though I’d say the jury’s still out on that one).'

Anyone who was present at the peaceful protests in Ottawa or watched raw feeds from the Freedom convoy will know that the author of the piece linked above, Regina Bateson, has an estranged relationship with reality.

Were the armed men hiding in the bouncy castles? Were all the white supremacists blending into the multiethnic crowd using means best known by the prime minister?

The only hate speech was that voiced by members of the Ottawa city council, the talking heads on state media, Jagmeet, Justin, et co. The only violence was that perpetrated by an Antifa terrorist who drove over anti-mandate protesters in Winnipeg.

Regina Bateson is upset that the Trudeau regime and the Watson government didn't crush the Freedom Convoy before its message could be heard, as one would in one of the totalitarian states Justin admires. For someone who has written extensively about human rights, Regina sure seems keen to have the state trample all over them.

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