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Trudeau says 'historic wrongs' can make Canada Day celebrations tough for some

TPM: Yeah, for mentally-obese revisionists, leftists, and people who lack any shred of gratitude for a great country with a great history all thanks to virtuous men and women...

"Today, we celebrate the place we all call home. I know for some, our country’s historic wrongs can make that difficult. But while we can’t change history, we can put in the work to build a better future; one that reflects our values of hope, resilience, kindness, respect, and generosity," he said.

Canada is better than all of the nations our immigrant population has left behind. But for its corrupt and selfish ruling elite, it's better than nearly all of the nations around today.

We have nothing to be sorry for, collectively. First: because we alive today are not guilty for the sins of past generations; second, because those today who accuse past generations of sins both don't know what they're talking about and don't care to evaluate actions in the context of their day; and third, because guilt is something to be considered and resolved on an individual basis.

If somebody cannot cheerfully celebrate Canada Day or at the very least let others do so without criticism, because of something someone did to someone else ages back, then spoiler alert: they're going to have a bad time during their time on earth.

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