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Trudeau's mentally deficient security advisor continues to smear peaceful working-class protesters

Global News: 'Jody Thomas, [another quota hire] who moved from the Department of National Defence to the National Security and Intelligence Advisor role in January, was responding to questions about the government’s use of emergency powers to address the convoy protests that paralyzed Ottawa and blockaded border crossings in February.

'While styled as a protest against mandatory vaccinations for cross-border truckers, protest organizers’ overriding goal — stated publicly — was to force democratically elected governments to remove all COVID-19 public health measures or be replaced. “The people who organized -that protest, and there were several factions there, there’s no doubt (they) came to overthrow the government,” Thomas said.

'A strong mistrust — if not outright anger — toward mainstream media was evident among the protesters that occupied downtown for weeks, along with widespread anti-government sentiment. Conspiracy theories, including one about the World Economic Forum think tank “infiltrating” governments around the world, were referenced by some protest organizers.'

Jody Thomas has her head so far up her ass, she can't see anything but what her boss and his boss are feeding her and the CBC.

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