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Trudeau’s intolerance of 'unacceptable views' has brought us to this moment

National Post: 'It was a sober-looking Justin Trudeau who talked about restoring confidence in our institutions as he announced the invocation of the Emergencies Act to counter the “Freedom Convoys” paralyzing the country.

'It was ironic that he made the announcement at a media availability, rather than on the floor of the House of Commons, our most precious institution.

'Even in the darkest days of the Second World War, Winston Churchill insisted on conducting business in Parliament. Churchill always considered himself a servant of the House, which represented “by far the closest association yet achieved between the life of the people and the actions of the state … an effective buffer against every form of revolutionary and reactionary violence.”

'Trudeau’s intolerance of “unacceptable views” clearly extends to members of the Official Opposition, but he would do well to open himself to the possibility that he is not infallible. The prime minister’s conviction that those who do not agree with him are irresponsible or motivated by an unworthy purpose means that he is undermining Parliament at a time when it most needs reinforcement...'

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