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Trudeau promises $350 million of your tax dollars to set symbolically set aflame in Ukraine

Global News: 'Justin Trudeau announced more money for Ukraine – including a $200 million loan through the International Monetary Fund – at the end of the Group of Seven leaders’ summit in Germany...

'In addition to the loan to the Ukrainian government, Canada is giving $75 million in humanitarian assistance to help with operations in Ukraine and in the neighbouring countries...

'...Canada will also provide $52 million in agricultural aid including mobile grain storage equipment to increase grain storage capacity as well as help to provide speedy diagnostic testing and monitoring of animal diseases to allow for export certification.'

Here's a question no one is asking: how much have the Ukrainian oligarchs spent on the war effort? Has Zelensky sold any of his many foreign mansions to pay towards Ukraine's defense? Has Zelensky, somehow worth $596 Million, committed any of his net worth to purchasing Javelins? Or is it solely the responsibility of foreign taxpayers to finance the protection of ethnically, linguistically Russian geographies in eastern Ukraine that Zelensky has been shelling since the neoliberal installment of his 'government' in 2015?

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Citation Moving Marvels
Citation Moving Marvels
Jan 17

Canadian prime minister justin trudeau recently announced his plans to allocate $350 million of canadian taxpayer money to light a symbolic fire in ukraine.

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