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Trudeau goes to Rwanda while the Liberal Party burns

Counter Signal: Bexte: 'There have been no reports on whether the former drama teacher and renowned costume lover will wear traditional Rwandan dress during his stay in Kigali.

Among the topics being discussed in Rwanda with other leaders will be African food security and Russia — all international concerns.

'Meanwhile, back in Canada, the Liberals are facing yet another scandal, this time stemming from a Halifax Examiner report that RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki allegedly pressured her subordinates into jeopardizing the Nova Scotia massacre investigation to support Justin Trudeau’s incoming gun grab.

'Indeed, the handwritten letter of an RCMP officer included in the report alleges that Lucki “promised” Trudeau’s 2020 Public Safety Minister and the Prime Minister’s Office that the RCMP would release information about the guns used by the shooter, adding that it would be tied to future gun control legislation.'

Mr. Dressup is finished. Everyone knows it. That's why neo-Nazi fangirl Chrystia Freeland is jockeying for the position and why Morneau dipped his toe to test the waters last month. Trudeau's just racking up his frequent flyer miles at your expense while he still can.

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