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Transition to lunacy: Climate alarmists discount our reliance on fossil fuels

Spectator: Mark Lawson: 'Then there is the ongoing power crisis which has affected most Western countries. In Australia, the lack of a power capacity market, which pays generators simply to be ready to produce power, combined with relentless green propaganda against coal-fired power plants means no new plants have been built for years, there are fewer coal-fired generators capable of delivering on-demand power, and those still operating are increasingly unreliable due to age and lack of maintenance.

'Those problems, combined with massive increase in energy prices, have resulted in spikes in wholesale power prices, particularly in Queensland, with advisor Energy Edge noting that wholesale power prices in the state more than doubled to an unheard-of average of $323 a megawatt-hour in the June quarter. When coal-fired power stations ruled the old state grids 20 years ago, wholesale power cost about $40 a megawatt hour. A few years ago, it was $80 a megawatt hour.

'The chaos, and revelations that the government may pay some $1.7 billion to major power users who agree to stay off the grid during the crisis, has not affected the worldview of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. In a recent conference in Sydney, as the crisis was unfolding, he talked of the shift to net zero and ‘the transformative role of clean energy technologies’. Activists claim a big part of the problem is the increase in prices for gas and coal, but they bear the blame, having repeatedly attacked new coal mines and gas projects, and their financiers, using propaganda, protests and legal actions designed to deter or delay projects.'

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Peter Bately
Peter Bately
Jan 26

I got one point from your article is that, it is crucial to have open and honest discussions about the use of fossil fuels and actively seek out solutions to mitigate their harmful effects.

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Larry Martin
Larry Martin
Oct 19, 2023

The reason is there were no new plants had been built for years and also they were increasing the prices of coal and gas.

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jone martin
jone martin
Oct 12, 2023

Our reliance on fossil fuels depends upon the uses of vehicles, home heat, and other sources that are affected. The climate alarmist keeps aware.

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