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Torstar flack for Trudeau regime: we must vaccinate the entire world to save Canadian economy

Updated: Oct 30

The Star [archived]: How much does Big Pharma have to pay these authoritarian toadies? Or are they free? To open the Canadian economy, the answer is drop the fearmongering and buck up; bring home manufacturing; let Albertan energy free of all the suicidal regulation; lower taxes; and reopen the coal plants Wynne closed in Ontario to lower operating costs.

Instead, Heather Scoffield has taken a break from licking statist boots to insist that we have to vaccinate the entire world (Canadian taxpayers can fit that bill!). That's right! Let's give an ineffective vaccine to everyone, even though it's well-demonstrated the vaccinated can contract and spread the virus as much as the unvaccinated; even though the unvaccinated who've caught the CCP Virus have 16-32x better immunity, and will have such for years, whereas the jabbed have resistance for no more than a few months.

The unvaccinated are the Liberal regime's scapegoat. Why do we have inflation? The unvaccinated. Why are our supply lines shot? You know why. Why are we entirely reliant on Communist China for our antibiotics? Or becoming reliant on Islamofascists for our oil? Why have we destroyed western industry? Why can't working-class Canadians afford to keep the lights on? Why can't working-class Canadians afford to drive into the city for work? Why are our flags at half mast and our federal cabinet half-aware?

The truth is that the ruling elite have failed Canada and Canadians, and the pandemic has provided them a smokescreen.

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