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Toronto Star ignores 2 years of economic damage inflicted by lockdowns, instead blames truckers

Toronto Star [archived]: 'My estimate is that about $11 million a day was lost in wages of the workers who were in this position, who would normally be coming in to work in the blockaded area from throughout the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

'This is based on half of one per cent of the area’s GDP, the half being the share of GDP that goes to wages, salaries and other compensation. With the occupation closing local businesses for 24 days, the total is $264 million in lost wages.

'Business revenues have also taken a steep hit. The Retail Council of Canada estimated that the Rideau Centre alone lost $3 million in sales a day during the shutdown.'

Armine Yalnizyan likes to crunch numbers so long as the dubious results conveniently demonize the working-class protesters' justified and peaceful response to over 730 days of insane federal and provincial COVID protocols. Shuttered businesses, houses of worship, and recreational facilities; covered faces, social distancing, and dehumanizing clot-shot passports; longer lines, inflated prices, and Trudeauflation...

Armine sure is keen to criticize the reaction, but not the cause. It doesn't matter if the protests cost the overclass $11M a day or $50M. If they hadn't applied pressure, then the Liberal regime or the NDP or both would inevitably apply similar measures in the future, whether it be to combat illusory climate change or some new variant.

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