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Toronto cop who gunned down a man like a dog in his own house says he did so in self-defense

State Media: 'Ontario's police watchdog says the Toronto police officer who shot a renowned gunsmith in Simcoe, Ont., did so in self-defence.

'Special Investigations Unit director Joseph Martino said in his final report on the case, released Thursday, he found "no reasonable grounds to believe" the officer who shot Rodger Kotanko to death committed a crime.'

'The report states when the officers met up in nearby Hagersville, they decided how they would approach Kotanko. Given Kotanko's age and lack of violence in his past, they would knock, announce their presence and speak to Kotanko before entering his home or workshop.

'The officers then drove to the residence, arriving in unmarked vehicles, the report said. Kotanko and his wife had just returned from a shopping trip. She was unloading groceries from the vehicle to the home, beside the gunsmithing workshop.

'The director's report states Kotanko was inside the workshop with a customer who was getting his Norinco 1911A1 pistol fixed for a repair.

'The customer said they were planning on dropping off the gun and coming back later, but Kotanko said it would only take 15 minutes to fix, according to the SIU.

'That's when officers approached Kotanko's wife and asked for his whereabouts. Then, they announced, with guns drawn, they were executing a search warrant and asked both men to raise their hands, the report says....

The cops claim Kotanko reached for a gun and refused to put it down. Don't worry, though, cops never lie.

'The gun Kotanko was holding wasn't operable at the time, according to the report, but the officer who pulled the trigger wouldn't have known that, according to Martino.

'Then an officer shot Kotanko four times. The whole interaction lasted between five and 10 seconds, the report said.'

Minding your business in your basement? Well, if the police riddle you with bullets, just know: there'll be no posthumous justice.

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