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To the chuckleheads in the Canadian media: if you want to militarily support Ukraine, ENLIST.

Tired of these wealthy, detached elites banging the drum; cheering on a war with a nuclear power; insisting that Canada do something "substantial." You know what they want. You know what they mean. They want working-class Canadians' kids go overseas to fight SOMEONE ELSE'S WAR for SOMEONE ELSE's COUNTRY all in order so that our establishment can virtue signal and feel good that "they" are doing something. If you're keen on "supporting" Ukraine, then enlist. Go fight Russia. Don't wait on us. Don't try to exploit our "toxic masculinity" after deriding, castigating, and demonizing us for years. Get stuffed.

Here's what Canada ought to do: take all these assimilable Ukrainian refugees and otherwise ignore what looks to be another incestuous European debacle. Neither Donbass nor Kiev is worth a single jot of Canadian blood or one more dollar. The Ukrainians who live there we can embrace on arrival, but the Zelensky regime installed there after the so-called Maidan Revolution by corrupt neoliberals (keen on violating Baker's promise) is the European's to save and or worry about.

In the meantime, we have to re-develop our energy industry. We have to insist that our politicians use the powers we've conferred them to improve the lives of Canadians--our lives. Trudeau's priority shouldn't be a country halfway around the world. It should be Canada. It should be singularly focused on improving the lives of British Columbians, not Colombians; Albertans, not Saudis; Saskatchewanians, not Ukrainians; Manitobans, not Moldovans; etc.

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