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To curb inflation, Chrystia Freeland promises to worsen inflation (i.e. by blowing more of your $)

Calgary Herald: 'Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland on Thursday outlined the federal government’s $8.9-billion “Affordability Plan” that’s supposed to help Canadians shoulder the rising costs of living as inflation reaches multi-decade highs.

'“Because of investments we have already made in the last two federal budgets, a new set of measures is coming into force right now to help the Canadians who need it most,” Freeland said during a keynote speech at the Empire Club of Canada. “This is $8.9 billion in new support for Canadians this year. This is our Affordability Plan.”

'The Affordability Plan provides $1.7 billion in new support for workers. It includes enhancements to the Canada Workers Benefit, giving $2,400 to low-income workers starting this year; a 10 per cent increase to Old Age Security for seniors older than 75, which is expected to give three million seniors $766 or more; and a one-time $500 payment to one million Canadian renters struggling with housing costs.'

Oh good: an 'affordability plan' Canadians can't afford, flooding the zone with more cash, thus driving up prices and depreciating the value of the cash already out there (thereby worsening inflation). Freeland, extra to be an apparent nazi fangirl, is a mental defective.

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