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Time to note the hypocrisy around abortions and private clinics

Toronto Sun: Lilley: 'The reemergence of the abortion debate is exposing rank hypocrisy right here in Canada. I’m talking about the fact that in this country, our leader rails against the idea of private health clinics, unless it’s for abortion in which case it is fine.

'In more than 20 years of covering politics in this country, I have seen time and again that any politician who dares to look to the private sector to help deliver health services will be denounced for trying to destroy our public health system.

'Abortion, though, gets a pass.

'The closest medical clinic of any kind to Parliament Hill is the Morgentaler abortion clinic on Bank St. I’ve sat in the House of Commons and listened to Liberal and New Democrat MPs warn about the dangers of private health care, the dangers of electing Conservatives lest they allow the private sector in.

'These same MPs defend the Morgentaler clinic in Ottawa, in Toronto, in St. John’s. They defend Clinic 554, a privately owned abortion clinic in Fredericton, N.B.'

Lilley and all Canadians need to realize: it's not that Canada suffers from a two-tier justice system. There is no justice. A working class protester criticizing vaccine apartheid will be smeared and imprisoned, but a middle-class brat in commie garb smashing windows gets off scot-free. Leftist terrorists can torch Catholic churches, but God forbid someone say something uncouth about a certain illiterate pedophilic 7th-Century warlord. Private health care is verboten, unless it's for murdering babies...There is no balance, no consistency.

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