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The truckers’ occupation of Ottawa has revealed the fecklessness of the Regime.

The American Mind: 'What we’re are seeing in Ottawa, and also in hiccups around the world, is the unraveling of the postwar oligarchy, which dressed up as a liberal-democracy. Indeed, we are observing how the accumulated costs incurred by the professional class, from fleecing and lying to its citizens, results in those same citizens arriving at the government’s doorstep, blowing their horns, and demanding justice.

'As the elites panic, they escalate their efforts and resort to desperate tricks, including calling the demonstrators nazis, booking every hotel room in Ottawa, interfering with donations, disrupting internet service, having officers posture for five minutes in front of the press media, threatening arrests, and even threatening military involvement because of the specter of “foreign interference.” It seems like Canada is going to war. But the injunctions, and the municipal and provincial states of emergency have only been powerful in name, not in practice. So far, their illusions have been all hat and no rabbit. Every obstacle in the truckers’ path is circumvented, and every day that the convoy remains, the government’s incompetence is revealed, and it is humiliated on the world stage.'

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