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The prelude to censorship & ruination: Liberal apparatchiks building the narrative against Rumble

CTV News: 'But for now, Rumble claims its headquarters remains in a small office in downtown Toronto, even though when W5 visited, the door was locked and no one responded when we knocked. The video site continues to be a home for largely conservative-leaning commentators, conspiracy theories, and yes, cute cat videos. But as the trucker protests subside, Rumble is now positioned to play a leading role in the upcoming U.S. congressional and presidential elections, having added many new Canadian viewers drawn to its anti-elite and defiant content.'

Rumble ensures people have a voice and enables dialogto counter the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media's statist propaganda. For that reason, its days in Canada are likely numbered. (This CTV News article is among the first, but won't be the last to insinuate Rumble is for extremists, intimating it should be first monitored, then censored, then disbanded.) After all, in Trudeau's Canada, all must be within the state, nothing can be outside the state, and nothing can stand against the state.

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