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The petulant princeling defends medical tyranny, crushing peaceful protests, & Emergencies Act

State Media: 'The prime minister argued in the interview that using the powers in the act did nothing to block free speech, or peaceful assembly. The line was drawn, he said, when it was clear to the government that this was an illegal occupation.

'He compared his decision to end the protests, and the language he used to condemn those advocating illegal actions, to criticism of his decision that every Liberal candidate must endorse a woman's right to choose.

'"Well, I got accused of being divisive on that because people who believe deeply in being anti-abortion were therefore excluded from my perspective on this," he said.

'"Any time you're going to take a strong position, especially one that is contested in society, there are going to be people who feel that you are strong against them. And what you have to do every step of the time as a leader is figure out whether or not it is worth the division to stand up on something that you know is right, and whether it's women's rights or the freedom of people to be protected during a pandemic."

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