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The Honorable Preston Manning: Canada's increasingly autocratic government

Toronto Sun: 'In investigating the charges and statements made by the three ministers on Feb. 16, the Commission is most likely to find:

  • That both the Freedom Convoy’s Ottawa protest and the border blockades were wholly planned and organized in Canada and primarily funded by Canadians, and,

  • That the statements made by the federal ministers to justify the invoking of the Emergencies Act were not only unsubstantiated by concrete evidence, but largely false and misleading.

'In Canada, only time will tell where the federal government’s heavy-handed over-reaction to the Freedom Convoy will lead, what new leadership it may generate and how Canadians will respond to the threats which that over-reaction poses to Canadian democracy.

'Threats to Canadian democracy do exist and the COVID crisis has brought them to the fore. But our democracy is threatened, not from without, but from within by an increasingly autocratic government in the process of taking “a step too far.”'

You know the Trudeau regime has royally romanced the pooch when one of the nicest, most sincere, and reserved personalities Canada has ever produced, namely Preston Manning, calls them out for their authoritarian reflexes and totalitarian creep.

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