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The government’s latest totalitarian attempt to censor the internet

TNC: 'The goal of course is to create a Canada where you have lost your ability to speak badly about this government, under the false guise of “safety”. The “safety” that the government refers to is for them to be safe and free from the criticisms of voters like you.

The government’s plan is totalitarian. It is deeply and truly unCanadian.

'The neutrality of our online world, free from the corruption of one political party or another, allows our democracy to thrive. This plan throws that neutrality out the window and could be used by any government going forward, of any political stripe, to clamp down on your right to free speech.

'Let’s all join together, and tell Trudeau to keep his corrupt hands off our internet.'

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Michael Funaro
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Citation Moving Marvels
Citation Moving Marvels
Nov 07, 2023

The government's latest attempt to censor the Internet is a terrifying and unprecedented step toward totalitarianism. It seeks to limit the free flow of information and the expression of ideas, and can be used to stifle dissent and stifle creativity.

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