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The Canadian mainstream media has once again proven they are statist relays, allergic to the truth

The Toronto Star, The Globe & Mail, the CBC, Global News, CTV, and even some hacks in the National Post, (which is oftentimes the only mainstream outlet with some modicum of balance), along with others, all mercilessly smeared the Freedom Convoy, like most did Don Cherry when he insisted that new Canadians wear poppies; like most did Dr. Jordan Peterson when he protested state-prescribed speech; like most do these days any Canadian with a dissenting voice worth his or her salt.

We all knew that the CBC—which bleeds taxpayers $1.2Bn yearly plus the additional $21M thrown its way last year—is incentivized to keep the Liberals in power, or failing that, the NDP, granted those two parties are happy to be charitable with your money: to prop up a useless, ideologically-captive, inefficient, unpopular*, and detached statist mouthpiece, aiding it artificially in stifling competition and preventing other players from naturally taking center stage. Rosemary Barton's foolish lawsuit against the Conservatives is but one among innumerable hints of their unapologetic skew, which has been detailed first hand by Tara Henley, who left that ship of statist fools citing its identitarian and collectivist obsessions and its willful blindness to half the story, all of the time.

*Despite getting $1.5-billion of taxpayers’ money, data from the CRTC show the CBC has dropped to less than 3.9 per cent of viewership across Canada in 2018-2019 – a whopping drop of 25 per cent in just one year. [Source]

We all knew that the other media outfits would join in the chorus of Liberal sycophants sooner or later, that is after the federal media bailout, though their haste and willingness to sing in tune has been astounding. Had it been the CPC implicated in the SNC Lavalin scandal or O'Toole dressing up in blackface as Trudeau has on multiple occasions, etc., the media circus would have run out of peanuts and popcorn, and all 3% of Canadians who tune into the CBC would have radicalized and taken to the streets.

What few of us could have expected is how unified the mainstream media in this nation would become, not just in their world view, but in their antipathy for working-class Canadians and for Canadian families; for conservatism (both fiscal and social), Christianity, normalcy, autonomy, and domestic energy production (oil from Saudi Arabia is OK).

If the regime wants war with Russia, the media will beat the drums. If the regime wants medical tyranny forever, the media will beat up those protesting the overreach.

If the last few days of mainstream media coverage of the Freedom Convoy aren't enough to turn Canadians off and onto new alternative sources of news and information, God help them and God help us all.

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