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The budget: Piling on more taxes and regulations won't fix sluggish economy

The Epoch Times: 'I don’t know why politicians feel obliged nowadays to say their bold leadership consists of doing stuff everybody agrees on. As in Freeland’s “Canadians understand that post COVID, our country needs a growth strategy.” Or to play buzzword bingo. What has “post COVID” to do with it, especially if the problem is well known, long-standing, and insidious?

'Then there’s “We need to pay down our COVID debts and in a very uncertain 21st century, Canada really needs an economic plan that is going to allow us to increase our productivity to increase our economic growth.” What a pompous parade of words leading nowhere. Especially, again, from a regime now as long in the tooth as the debit ledger.

'Actually, what Canada needs is less government. Less borrowing. Less taxation. Less inflation. Less regulation. Less nonsense about politicians telling entrepreneurs how to innovate. So for starters we could have plunked that $15 billion right onto our “COVID debts” if insanity did not mean thinking the solution to too much government is more government.'

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