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Terence Corcoran: Ottawa should scrap plans for irresponsible enviromarxist ’22 budget

Financial Post: 'Ottawa, for example, is set to raise its carbon tax another $15 on April 1, a few weeks from now when the price of oil could be even higher than it is today. Federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault told Canadian Press the other day that there is no discussion within the government about delaying the increase. Maybe it’s time for Ottawa to begin such discussions, not just about the carbon tax but about all other aspects of policy that fit into the framework of Freeland’s 2022 budget.

'The budget process, along with most of the government’s operations, must now be viewed through an updated set of binoculars focused on the still developing war in Ukraine and its impact on all aspects of the global and Canadian economy. Exactly how and what should be done, which new fiscal policies should be adopted — and which old ones rejected — are questions that need to be posed anew through new consultations. The actual budget, aside from specific moves to respond to the conflict, can wait.

'The spending and revenue ideas that have been floating around the Freeland budget consultation process cannot remain in place at a time of global military and economic conflict. At minimum, this is no time for another feel-good Build Back Better post-COVID comeback 750-page propaganda document.'

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