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Taxpayer-funded CBC: Lecture hall seating leaves morbidly obese people feeling 'ostracized'

State Media: "Self-described as "fat activists," they say they want to reclaim the term "fat" to be a neutral or positive descriptor of their bodies, rather than one that comes with assumptions that they don't take care of themselves or follow a proper diet.

"University of Victoria counselling psychology professor Sarah Nutter says bias and stigma against people with a higher body weight are prevalent not only in Canada but also globally, and those unfriendly attitudes and infrastructure design could impact their well-being. Nutter says it's important to accommodate the needs of people of different sizes when designing public spaces..."The seating is actually attached to the floor, so it's bolted to the concrete," he said. "We need to unbolt all the seating, bringing in all new seating, and we often are constrained with how wide those aisles were cast to be when they originally built up the room."..."

As always, your taxpayer dollars hard at work, this time funding an article advancing the notion that morbidly obese people shouldn't take care of themselves or eat healthily, but rather that society must cater to the every whim of a sliver-minority; that campuses ought to tear up lecture hall seating, and provide industrial-strength benches to withstand the mass of land whales.

Yes, we can be compassionate and empathetic, but there is no reason why students should subsidize the poor life choices of their peers via new additions to their tuition.

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