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Suzuki & other corrupt celebrities want to keep you down while living high life

Toronto Sun: 'Suzuki, and his foundation, are based in Vancouver, but he isn’t above jet-setting or sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong. He also likes to own several homes, like some of the well-known signatories to this letter, which is odd because the foundation opposes policies that would encourage residential construction around Toronto.

'Toronto is growing, more people move here every year, but people like author Margaret Atwood and singer Chantal Kreviazuk are endorsing a no-growth policy by opposing the highway because they now lead comfortable lives.

'“Congestion will not be solved by new highways that incentivize additional traffic. Rather, we need expansion of public transit,” the letter states.

'Did Atwood sign that letter from her home on Admiral Rd. in Toronto’s leafy Annex neighbourhood where she’s close to the subway? Or did she sign the letter from her second home, located on an island in Lake Erie? What about Kreviazuk? Did she sign from her Toronto home or her six-bedroom ranch-style dwelling in Los Angeles? I read about how hard it was not being able to fly between those homes as often during the pandemic.'

These champagne socialists and climate alarmists are all hypocrites and they're laughing at you.

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