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State media suggests bureaucrats & elites in Ottawa have PTSD from peaceful working-class protest

State Media: 'Kevin uses one word to describe the first days of the protests in downtown Ottawa: torture.

'"Literally there was trucks right underneath me," said Kevin, who did not want to provide CBC a last name for fear of reprisal. "It was one thing for me, but I've got animals. I've got three cats, two dogs. So yeah, it was torture."

'That "torture" is the reason behind an ongoing class-action lawsuit, which sought an injunction prohibiting any participants in the convoy protest from using vehicle horns in the vicinity of downtown Ottawa.'

They claim that honking and peaceful protests are tantamount to "torture". What a bunch of thin-skinned elitists. Ottawa is a hive of villainy, cowardice, detached cosmopolitanism, & corruption. The only thing being tortured in Ottawa is the law and the English language.

If only Solzhenitsyn and Viktor Frankl knew about the horrors of honking.
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