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State media recognizes that the Canadian People are tired of the neoliberal status quo

State Media: 'The convoy has moved on. The challenge of extreme populism remains...

'...In the face of political alienation and anti-democratic anger, such proposals can seem quaint. It's probably too much to imagine that new or reformed government programs could completely extinguish the flames of radical populism. Trudeau's agenda apparently failed to cool those embers...'

The mental deficients at the CBC think populism is anti-democratic, when it is the cosmopolitan Canadian political establishment that is anti-democratic. Once they have the requisite votes, they represent not the interests of Canadians and the polity but foreign nationals' interests. Once the Liberals have your votes, they begin killing Albertan energy, alienating the western provinces, sending hundreds-of-millions to Ukrainian neonazis and to African eugenicists, and buttressing their corrupt friends in Quebec. Once the NDP has your votes, they run block for the Liberals, going so far as to vote for martial law just because they don't want another election.

The elites in Ottawa are wholly detached from the Canadian people, and the Canadian people--not extremists--want a fair deal.

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