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State media continues to do the heavy lifting for the Trudeau regime

"Protest mars family's last moments with dying mother" was this morning's top headline from the CBC.

In 2020 and 2021, the CBC omitted any detail regarding the dozens of lives the BLM riots claimed in the States or the ~$2Bn in property damage they incurred. They neglected to wax poetic about the Catholic churches burned down by leftist terrorists last year or talk about the cacophony and inconvenience created by ecosocialist rail blockades (purportedly Indigenous-led).

They don't seem too impressed by the fact that a multiracial, multiethnic, working-class protest involving hundreds of thousands of people, coast-to-coast, and culminating in a demonstration outside Parliament, took place with zero reported incidents of injury or violence.

No one got hurt. Nothing was destroyed. No statues were torn down. Nothing was defaced.

They will, however, obediently hype up the noise made by Canadian patriots who want their rights back and the claim that some people had to deal with the sound of progress while visiting a dying relative.

Deadcatting. A diversion.

The CBC doesn't want you to reflect on the fact that Canadians weren't allowed to attend our loved one's funerals over the past two years; couldn't visit loved ones in the hospitals; couldn't be with our wives as they gave birth. Forget noise: how about the fact that Canadians died alone, suffered alone, gave birth alone.

The CBC wants us to get angry about the noise so that we can go back to suffering in silence, in isolation.

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